Create an Invoice

Invoices can be created by Administrator and Project manager + finance. Project manager + finance can create invoices for the client / projects, for which they have assigned. Creating Invoice, estimates and deposits are similar to each other leaving some fields in Invoice Details. Importing timesheet hours and expenses can be done only in normal invoice. To create a invoice,

  1. Click “+” icon in Invoice > Invoice / Estimate / Deposit respectively. (or) at the top right corner of Invoice page invoice_add.
  2. A new invoice form displayed to create a invoice for the client.
  3. Fill the fields and Click Save.

Invoice Details

Field description
Terms Details
Invoice # Invoice number must be unique. It is auto-generated and editable.
Date Date on which the invoice is generated. By default, present date will be displayed. You can select desired date, by using the date picker.
Due Frequency Can choose any frequency to set due date. Select custom date using date picker by choosing custom.
Recurring Invoice To send invoice repeatedly and automatically in a fixed intervals.

Clients Details

You have to fill the information of the customer for whom you want to raise this invoice. invoice client Detail

Field description
Terms Details
Client Select the Client to whom you want to raise the invoice, you have already created or you can add a new client. Once you choose an existing client, contacts and address will automatically displayed to you.
Contact & Address It will be displayed as soon as you pick the clients and it can be edited.
Currency By default, Currency alloted in the settings will be displayed. you can change it.

Import Project hours and Expenses

You Import the project’s billable hours and expenses into normal invoices, if you’d wish. While importing you can approve the unapproved billable hours and expenses directly from invoices.
Import Project hours and Expenses

Product / Service Detail

You can either import project hours and expenses or can enter the item directly for billing. Product Service details

Field description

Terms Details
Product / Service Enter the name of the product to be billed or import timesheet hours or expenses. Quantity / Hours and Rate / Unit autoloaded, for imported items.
Quantity / Hours Provide the number of products to be billed. If you import hours or expenses, number of hours and expenses’ quantity will be displayed automatically. you can modify it, if you’d wish
Rate / Unit Specify the unit price of the product. It will be autoloaded for for imported items.
Sub Total Total amount of the products, excluding discount and taxes.
Discount Add discount to your client either by giving percentage or as amount of discount, if you’d wish.
Tax Add tax along with it, as you wish. If you put taxes, it will be assigned to all the products listed in invoices which is indicated by an extra column in the product details. You can remove the taxes, by deselecting the product / services.
Total Cumulative total after applying taxes and discounts.
Once the invoice is created, it is saved as draft in Draft Tab.