Expense FAQ

Who can approve a member’s Expense ?

Project managers approve expenses associated to their projects. Administrators can approve all project expenses.

Is it possible to edit an approved Expense ?

Members cannot edit / delete an approved expense. Administrators and Project managers can able to edit an approved expense of the member.

When an expense will be locked ?

When the expenses are associated with invoice, it will be locked. Locked expenses cannot be edited / deleted by any user.

Is it possible to post expense for other user ?

No, it is not possible to post expenses for other users.

Can Project Managers edit all the expenses ?

Project Managers can edit expenses posted by members associated to their projects. But a Project Manager cannot edit / delete expenses posted by Administrators or other Project Managers.

In expense entry, can the unit cost be changed ?

In Settings, if the unit price is defined for an expense type, it cannot be edited while posting an expense. If not, unit price is editable in the expense entry screen.