Creating Project

Creating new project allow you to track time and post for team members and invoiced the hours to clients.

Administrator and Project Manager + Finance can create project with financial information. Project Manager can create project leaving financial information. Project Managers can manage their associated project.

To add new project

1. Click on + icon in the top left or in the project listing page to add new project.
Creating Project
2.  Enter  Project Name which is mandatory where  Project code and description  are optional.

3. Select any client or add a new client by choosing the drop down for the project.

4. Choose the budget type for the project where it have value and alert at percentage of  budget hours or amount.
Creating Project

  1. Total Project Hours.
  2. Estimated Hours based on Task Type.
  3. Estimated Hours based on People.
  4. Total Project Amount.
  5. Amount based on Task Estimated Hours.
  6. Amount based on People Estimated Hours.

5. Choose the Invoice options like  Non Billable, Project All Hours, Task Hourly Rate and Person Hourly Rate which are available for your project.
Invoice Options

6. Add task type for your projects from the available  list of tasks.
Project Task Type
7. Adding team members for the new project with their hourly rate based on budget type.
Project Team Member
8. Attach documents related to project by browse button or drag and drop the file in the provided area.
Attach documents
9. After providing all the details click on Save button to create a new project.

Fields Description

Terms Details
Name Project’s name.

Displayed in prefix to the project.

Client Select or add a client.

By default, first option of the menu will appear in budget.
Estimated hours will appear in Task Type and Team according to your preference.
For more details, refer  Project Budget Type.


Box provided for putting the estimated hour or amount.
It is for alerting you when the project reach the specified hours or amount.
It will be displayed in Dashboard > Project Alerts.


By default, first option of the menu will appear in invoice.
Task Type and Team columns varies with your selections.
For more details, refer  Project Invoice Type.

Task Type Default Task Type will be appear in the table. You can rearrange it or delete it.

For more details, refer Project Task Type.


Add or Remove the team members.
For more details, refer Project Team Members.

Document Documents related to the projects can be added.