Invoice Payment

Administrator only can update payment. Once you update the payment, it will be upgraded and added up in its respective tabs based on its payment. For example, If you update whole payment, then this invoice will be listed in “Paid” tab, or else if you update a partial payment, it will be listed in “Unpaid” tab.
Output Time Invoice Payment

Update Payment

When you create a new invoice, click the “Payment” button at the top or you can click “Payment” option available in draft, sent and partial status.

A Payment popup will appear. In that popup,

  • Select the required date in-which current date will appear as default.
  • Provide the payment mode (cheque, money order, online) and amount.
  • Provide description if required and Click Save.

If the payment is fully paid, then the status of the invoice changed to Paid.
If partial payment is updated for the invoice then the invoice status updated as partial and displayed in unpaid tab.

Note : You can also import the deposited amount of client if exist.

Edit Payment

You can edit any updated payment in Invoice Preview form. To edit the payment,

  1. Click Cogwheel icon associated with specific invoice and select View option.
  2. Click the desired payment (Payment # or mode or amount) in the invoice preview form.
  3. Edit the payment, in the payment form, which appears.
  4. Click Save.

To Edit Invoice Payment

Delete Payment

Wrong payment can be deleted, in Invoice Preview form. To delete a payment,

  • Click Cogwheel icon associated with specific invoice and select View option.
  • Click trash icon associated with desired payment.

If you delete the payment, the total of the invoice is updated with the payment rollback.