Manage Settings

Company Settings

  • Go to Settings.
  • Move your mouse over Company panel, click Edit.
  • Provide Company logo, name  and Choose administrator, click Save.

Note : The Settings page is displayed only to Administrator.

Company Settings Field Description
  • Company Logo : Click on the company logo and upload Company logo.
  • Company Name : Give the desired company name.
  • By default the Administrator’s name will be displayed. If there are more than one administrator, choose any one from the drop-down menu. Profile picture of the person, who was selected  will be displayed automatically.

Time/Date Settings

  • Go to Settings.
  • Move your mouse over the Time / Date panel, Click on Edit.
  • Choose the Time zone , Date & Time formats, Timesheet hour display format and click Save.
Time/Date Settings Field Description
  • Time Zone : Choose the Time zone for your Company. It will be displayed as default while creating the users.
  • Date & Time display format : Choose the format, how you want to display the date and time. Date format will be displayed in Expenses and Invoices where Time format only displayed in Invoice and Timesheet.
  • Timesheet hour display formats : Time format is applied in  your Timesheet, Invoices & Reports.

Timesheet Settings

  • Go to Settings.
  • Move your mouse over the Timesheet panel, Click Edit.
  • Select  the required type and click Save.
Timesheet Settings Field Description
  • Track Time :
    Selection of start and end time will make your users to provide the starting and ending time of their task in the timesheet entry.
    If not, they can just give the number of hours directly.
  • Timesheet Approval :
    Selection of Approval required make your members to submit their timesheet getting validation and approval from project manager. These hours are added in invoice, only after getting approval.
    If not selected, the time entered by the members will be directly added in the invoice.
  • Billable :
    Selection of Modify Billable or Non billable will allow the users to change the non-billable task into billable and vice versa while posting their task in the timesheet.
    If not selected, billable / non-billable modification cannot be done.
  • Work Hours in a Day :
    Number of hours working per day. It will indicate the difference between the users who worked the whole hour and who didn’t meet the required hours, in the Timesheet -> My Team -> Month view.

Invoice Settings

  • Go to Settings.
  • Move your mouse over the Invoice panel, Click Edit.
  • Choose the desired option and click Save.
Invoice Field Descriptions
  • Fiscal Year Starts on : Choose the starting month of the Financial year.
  • Currency & Number Format : The currency you use.
    It will be taken as default in the
    =>Users hourly rate
    =>Project budget
    =>Invoice Creation – It can be changed while creating invoice.
    The chosen number format only displayed in Invoice, Project budgets and Expenses.
  • Round Time for invoice  by default “No round up” for the time sheet hours which is invoiced. If you choose “Round to half an hour” will round off all the Timesheet hours to 30 mins during invoice. If you choose “Round to full hour” will round off to one hour during invoice.
  • You can choose Invoice template design available in the dropdown list.

Calender Settings

  • Go to Settings.
  • Move your mouse over the Calender panel, Click Edit.
  • Choose the desired option and click Save.
Calender Field Descriptions
  • Choose the day to display Week view starts on from the drop down list.
  • Select Non-Working Days for a week. By default Saturday and Sunday are added.
  • Holidays : Enter the days which are recognized as holiday by the country as well as by your organization. It can be set for every year or current year.
  • Skip non-working days and holidays while scheduling : If it is selected, all non-working days and holidays will be calculated as holidays during  task schedule in Tasks.

These fields will effect the appearance of Timesheet views by differentiating the difference between the holidays and working days.

Task Type Settings

  • Go to Settings.
  • Move your mouse over the Task Type panel, Click Edit.
  • Enter the task types associated with your company and click Save.
Task Type Field Description
  • Default : The task type which is selected as default only displayed while creating projects.
  • Name : Task type name which should be unique.
  • Rate : Provide Rate per hour for each task.
  • Billable : Select the task type, whose hours is to be considered as billable hours as default. The selected task  type only appear as billable in time entry. The remaining task can be changed as billable, by selecting Modify Billable / Non-billable in Settings -> Timesheet -> Billable option.

Expense Type Settings

  • Go to Settings.
  • Move your mouse over the Expense Type panel, Click Edit.
  • Enter the expense types  and click Save.
Expense Type Field Description
  • Type : Expense type which should be unique.
  • Rate : Rate per unit can be provided or you can provide direct entry in expenses for those expense type.
  • Session : Unit of measure provided if rate is added by default for expenses.

It will be displayed in the expense entry, the users can select from these list.

Task Status Settings

  • Go to Settings.
  • Move your mouse over the Task status panel, Click Edit.
  • Enter the status and allot them specific color for them  and click Save.
Task Status Field Description
  • Default : Choose the Task Status which is to be set as default while creating Tasks.
  • Name : Provide the Task status name which should be unqiue.
  • Choose color : Choose the color for the Task status font and its background color.

This is used to identify the state of the task  easily in the task view, progress of the project in Dashboard and in reports.

User Department Settings

  • Go to Settings.
  • Move your mouse over the User Department panel, Click Edit.
  • Enter the departments of your company and click Save.

Create Departments which is used to group users.