My Task

My Task section is available for all users. It gives you a panoramic view of tasks which are created by you and those which are assigned to you by your colleagues. You can also track your time and edit details of your tasks.

My Task Listing

To view your task , Go to Task > My Task. You can have predefined view on your task based on

  • Due Date
  • Status

Task based on Due Date

It will list your task based on Finish dates with the number of task on that particular date. You will have a constant four columns as,

S.No Due Date Scenario
1 Over Due Task in-progress beyond finish date
2 Today Task to be finished right current date
3 Tomorrow Task to be finished by tomorrow.
4 Later Task to be finished after Tomorrow.

Tasks in Over Due were listed based on lagged days arranged in descending order.

Change Due Date

Task can be moved within the due dates either manually or automatically as follows,

  1. Drag and Drop
  2. Auto Forward

Drag and Drop:

  • Hover the task name you want to move.
  • Drag and Drop the task and place it on the column you wish

Note : Tasks cannot be dragged to “Over Due” column, besides its finish date should be changed.
Auto Forward:
Your task will be auto promoted through Later > Tomorrow > Today > Later, based on Finish Date. Task auto forward will occur at the mid-night of the current date.

Task based on Status

Your tasks will be grouped and listed based on its “Task Status” with the number of tasks. Tasks will be listed based on the priority. By default, “Opened” and “Closed” status will be displayed, after which adds the tasks under other task status based on our activity.

Change Status

You can change status by Drag from one status column and drop at another.

Add a Task

To create a new task,

  • Click on the Add Task button on the top right corner in My Task Page.
  • Fill all the required fields displayed on the right side popup.
  • Click Save.


Edit your Task

You can edit the listed task by double clicking in your task.
Then edit the details on the task preview using Edit or Pencil icon.
Click Save.