QuickBooks Online Integration

Synchronize your Invoices with QuickBooks

Output Time offers an Add-On to Export your Invoices directly to QuickBooks Online to make your billing as easier than before.

Note : Administrator user can only Export the Invoices to QuickBooks.

Linking Output Time to QuickBooks Online

To connect your account with QuickBooks from Output Time,

  1. Go to Settings → Edit Addons.
  2. In Addons list, Enable Quickbooks.
  3. Output Time Addons

    Output Time Addons

  4. Click Config button and then Connect to QuickBooks button.
  5. Connect to QuickBooks from Output Time

    Connect Output Time with QuickBooks

  6. You will be routed to QuickBooks Online. Once you signed in, hit Authorize.
    Authorize Output Time on QuickBooks

    Authorize Output Time

    Note : If you don’t have QuickBooks account, it will give you the way to create account and authorize the app.
  7. Once you authorized it, the Integration get finished and you will be redirected to Output Time.
  8. You can see the Status shows as Connected & QuickBooks Company ID in QuickBooks addons config.
    QuickBooks Connected status in Output Time

    Output Time and QuickBooks Connected Status

    Now you were connected to QuickBooks Successfully.
Alternative Way

You can also integrate Output Time from QuickBooks,

  • Open the link https://apps.intuit.com/output-time and click Get App Now button.
  • Sign in with your QuickBooks login credentials. If you don’t have QuikBooks account, Create an Account and flourish your settings.
  • Click Authorize and you will be redirected to Output Time Sign Up page.
  • If you already have Output Time account, click Link your Outputtime Account and link.
    Link / Sign up to Output Time

    Link / Sign up to Output Time

    If not, create an account by providing the necessary fields and click SIGNUP.
  • After Signing-in into Output Time, You will be automatically connected to QuickBooks.

Export Invoice to QuickBooks Online

You can Export the Invoices to QuickBooks just by a single click.

To Export your Invoice to QuickBooks,

  1. Open the Invoice, Click Export to QuickBooks link.
    Export invoices to QuickBooks from Output Time

    Export Invoice to QuickBooks

    Note : Export to QuickBooks link will appear in all preview of Invoices at any states.
  2. You will get Invoice Export to QuickBooks Successfully info box, as soon as the invoice exported.
Export Output Time Invoices to QuickBooks

Invoice Exported Successfully

Invoice list in QuickBooks Online

To view your Invoice in QuickBooks Online,

  • Go to Your Books in your Accountant page.
  • Then go to TransactionSales.
  • Output Time Invoices in QuickBooks

    Invoice List in QuickBooks

  • Your Exported Invoice will be listed here.

Filters will be available for you to view Invoices based on specific categories.

More on QuickBooks Online
  • Tax Rates and Discounts : Tax rate and discount from Output Time is not reflected in QuickBooks for now.
  • Multiple Currencies : You can manage multiple currencies from Settings → Company Settings → Advanced → Currency → Manage Currencies.

Launch Outputtime from QuickBooks Online

To Launch the outputtime from QuickBooks Online,

  1. Login to Quickbooks.
  2. Go to AppsMyApps → there you can see Output Time in your linked apps list.
  3. Click Launch link, it will redirect you to your appropriate Output Time entity & auto login.
Launch Output Time from QuickBooks

Launch Output Time from QuickBooks

Disconnecting Output Time from QuickBooks Online

To deactivate QuickBooks Online from Output Time,

  1. Go to Settings → Edit Addons.
  2. In Addons list, Click Config button.
  3. Disconnect Output Time from QuickBooks

    Disconnect Output Time from QuickBooks

  4. Click Disconnect from QuickBooks button on QuickBooks Configuration preview.