Timesheet Approval / Revoke


  • In Settings > TimeSheet, enable Approval to integrate the Approval Process in Time Sheet.
  • Members can submit their TimeSheet for approval by clicking “Submit for Approval”.
  • Based on Projects, the time entries will be submitted for Approval under related Project Managers.
  • Project Managers / Administrators can either Approve or Reject the entries.
  • Waiting for Approval / Approved entries in member timesheet will be locked & cannot be edited.
  • Approval not required for Project Managers time sheet entries which are approved automatically.
  • Only Approved Time Entries can be invoiced.

Enabling Time Sheet Approval

Time Sheet Approval process provides the visibility for Project Managers on their team members time sheet entry & to make sure the time is utilized properly for the allotted task.

In Settings > Time Sheet, enable Approval to integrate the Approval Process in Time Sheet.

If Approval was not selected, all time entries are automatically approved.
Time Sheet Approval

Submit for  Approval

Members can submit their hours in Timesheet for approval by clicking “Submit for Approval” button.

“Submit for Approval” button is available both in Day & week view.
Submit for Approval

Approving Hours

Project Managers / Administrators can approve the Timesheet hours  that have been submitted by members for approval.

Administrators can view all the users & project hours submitted for approval.

Project Managers can view only their project team members & related project hours. Once the time sheet entries are approved, it will be locked. You can’t update the approved time sheet entries, until you unlock(revoke) it.

Timesheet Approving Hours

  1. Choose Timesheet > Approve menu to view the pending Approval hours for the members.
  2. Click on the “Approve” button to approve the entire hours submitted by the member.
  3. Clicking “Reject” button, will reject all time entries of the member. Rejected Time Entries are enable for editing.
  4. For Detail view & Approval for Individual date,  click on the arrow to expand.
  5. In Detail view, you can view both the approved & submitted for approval hours of the user.
  6. You can view Approve / Reject icons for each date, which has unapproved time sheet entries.

Time sheet Entries

Revoking Hours

Administrator and Project Managers can revoke the timesheet hours that was approved by them. Project Managers can revoke only their project members’ timesheet hours. Once the timesheet submitted by member were approved, it can’t be edited. To edit those approved timesheet hours, these hours have to be revoked. After revoking timesheet hours, the member can edit timesheet hours and can submit it again for approval.
Revoking Hours
To revoke timesheet hours,

  1. Choose Timesheet > Revoke.
  2. Select the Users and their weekly timesheet view will be displayed to you.
  3. To revoke timesheet hours of the whole week, Click Revoke at the bottom of the weekly timesheet hour.
  4. To revoke timesheet hour of a particular date, click revoke at the bottom of that particular date.