Timesheet FAQ

Do I have to create a Task to post a Timesheet Entry ?

1. You can post directly in Timesheet entry by specifying task in Activity.
2. You can select the project and task type to post a timesheet entry ( Activity ) in Timesheet and click on “save”.
3. These entries are called as activity which can be billable or non billable like tasks.

Tips : For dependent tasks (tasks going through various phases as well as members) you can post in Task, for the rest (independent tasks), you can post directly in Timesheet.

What is a direct entry in Timesheet ?

1. You can post hours directly in the Direct entry text box provided in Timesheet with out start time and end time.
2. You can post direct entry if the track time is not required in Timesheet settings.

Who can approve a Timesheet Entry ?

Project managers / Administrators will only be able to approve the hours of the members Timesheet.

What are the restrictions in Timesheet entry ?

1. You cannot able to enter the same time for two different tasks.
2. Future date / time will be restricted to post or enter in Timesheet.
3. Members submitted hours are locked once they click on “Submit for Approval”.
4. Locked entry in Timesheet can be edited if the Project managers / Administrators reject it.

How to skip Timesheet approval Process ?

In Timesheet settings, if the Time Sheet Approval check box is unchecked, Approval is not required and we can skip Timesheet approval Process.

Is it possible to switch Time Entry format to HH:MM ?

In Date / Time settings, you have the option to switch Time Entry format.

What is the difference between Activity / Task / Task Type ?

1. Activity is like sub task posted by members in their Timesheet Day view/ week view.
2. Task assigned by Project managers / Administrators in Task screen and assigned to members which are planned.
3. Task-type is a categories of tasks used to manage a Project created by administrator in Task settings.

Why I need to select a Task Type while posting the Time Entry ?

1. When managing a project, you should choose task type to categorize the activity posted by the members / project managers.
2. During budgeting it will be useful to plan budget if task-type involved in the projects.

Why not able to view all Projects / Task Type in Time Entry ?

1. Projects managers / members can only able to view their assigned Projects / Task Type in Time Entry.
2. Administrator is the only person who can view all Projects / Task Type in Time Entry assigned to all users.