Timesheet Settings

In Settings, Timesheet settings panel Administrators can manage the Timesheet related settings for their entire company.

Track Time

Track Time

 Start & End Time Required :

If checked, all members need to provide Start & End Time for each timesheet activity.

If unchecked, members can directly enter hours where Start & End Time is optional.

Time Sheet Approval

Time Sheet Approval
If checked, approval required for the member hours by  Project managers / Administrators.

Members need to click “Submit for Approval” button in Timesheet posting page for approval submission where approved hours can be invoiced.

If unchecked, no approval process & all posted hours can be invoiced.


Timesheet Billable
While posting the Timesheet entry, Task Type displayed as Billable / non billable by its default value in Task settings.

If Billable settings is checked, you can modify the task type as Billable / non billable.

While invoicing, only billable project hours can be imported.
If unchecked, you cannot able to change the task type as Billable / non billable.

Work hours in a day

You can specify the number of hours per day here where 8 hrs by default. This work hours in a day is validated in My time sheet week and month view for the members. Members who posted for the work hours specified and who failed to work can be differentiated.
Timesheet working hours