Windows Standalone Server Installer

Registration Process

  1. Signup for Output Time On-Premises Account in
  2. On successful sign-up, you will receive an email with 30 Days Trail License key and download links.

Note: Output Time Windows Standalone Server Installer will not install any software on your System or access any of your existing databases. The entire server & database runs from the unzipped folder.

On-Premises Output Time Application can be installed in your Server by our technical team for free.

Installation Steps

  • Once downloaded the Windows Standalone Server Installer zip package, extract the Server files in a folder. Now, Run “OTServerManager.exe” from the folder and start the installation.
  • Output Time Server Manager Note : Output Time Windows Standalone Server Installer runs 100% from the extracted/installed folder.

  • When started “OTServerManager.exe”, you can see the status of Output Time Apache and Output Time MySql service.
  • Output Time-Server start

  • Click “Start Services” to run Apache/ Mysql instances as windows services.

Output Time Server stop Open http://localhost:8123/ in your browser. If our server application is running, you should see the Output Time Installation wizard.

Output Time Installation Wizard

Login Details

Remember the Email and Password which is used to login for the first time as Administrator. With the Configuration details, you need to apply the License key received from online registration. Click ‘Next’. Output Time Windows Standalone

SMTP Details

To configure multiple outbound email settings, you can provide your SMTP details or you can skip this step. Provide your fully qualified domain name or your SMTP server IP address and your listening Port number. Provide the login credentials (SMTP User Name and Password) in order to connect to the SMTP server and send the emails. Click Next. Output Time Windows Standalone

Finalizing Installation

Verify the details provided and if you want to change click on Previous. Click Install to start the installation. Output Time Windows Standalone


On successful configuration, you will have a link ‘Click here to continue’ to access your installed Output Time Application. Output Time Windows Standalone

Otherwise, access Output Time on your browser directly with the link given below and login with the Email & Password you entered during the Installation process.


Note: Use servername or IP instead of localhost in the above link. That’s all!

Output Time Login

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