Compact view

ToDo view is a summarized view of all the task. Formatting tools and filters are provided as provided in task view.
Output Time ToDo View1

Creating Task

In ToDo view, you have only four fields to update and create tasks.

You can just have to provide task name, task status, assignee and end date and save a task.

Current date is added as Start date by default for all the tasks added in todo view.

You can add comments and attach documents for the task by choosing the bottom pane or click on the respective cells.

My hours with ToDo view

Output Time ToDo View2
You have all the functionality available with my hours in ToDo view.

In my hours Estimated hours and Actual hours are displayed for a particular task in current week.

You can post the weekly working hours for all the tasks and it is added to Actual hours of the task.

You can start timer for the current task, by clicking Start icon and can view the timer running for current date.

Hours added in my hours are added only to the user who post the time for the task not to the Assignee.