Deleting / Archiving – Users, Clients, Projects

Important points about Deleting

  • Only users / clients / projects with zero hourly and billable rate can be deleted.
  • Those users / clients / projects with hourly and billable rate cannot be deleted instead they can be archived.
  • Even after archiving, all the records regarding the projects, clients, users will be available to you in your report and invoices.
  • Only Administrator, Project Manager+Finance, Project Manager have the authority to archive/ active.
    1. Administrator is able to archive / active / delete all the projects, clients, users.
    2. Project Manager+Finance and Project Manager can able to archive / active / delete those which they created.
  • Clients having active projects cannot be archived.

Archiving User / Project / Client

  • Click on Manage on your page.
  • Choose Users / Projects / Clients which you want to archive.
  • On the right corner, you can click Archive.

Unarchiving User / Project / Client

  • On the bottom right corner of user / project / client page, Click on Archive Users / Projects / Clients.
  • Archived page will be displayed.
  • Move your mouse over the users / project / clients, you want to activate.
  • On the top right corner of their panel and activate them.