Invoice Actions

Editing Invoice

Invoices can be edited only if it is in Draft state. Administrator and Project Manager + Finance can edit the projects.

  1. Go to Invoice > Invoice > Draft tab.
  2. Click on Action icon, associated with each invoice.
  3. Click View / Edit.
  4. Make the changes and by clicking Edit option over the form.
  5. Click Save.

Deleting Invoice

Invoice which is in draft state only can be deleted. Inorder to delete an invoice, you have to Archive it.

  • Go to Invoice > Archived tab.
  • Click on Action icon, associated with each invoice.
  • Click Delete.

Sending Invoice

You can send your invoice immediately at the time of creation or sometimes later.
Invoice will be moved from Draft to Unpaid tab, as soon as the invoice is sent.

Note : Administrator only can send the invoices.


Administrator can update the payment for all invoices except estimate.
Deposited amount of the clients can be imported into invoices.
Invoices whose payment exceeds the due date is indicated by over due icon “Invoice_overdue” symbol.
For details, visit Invoice Payment.

Archiving Invoice

Administrator can archive the projects. Project Manager + Finance can archive the invoices for the projects, which they manage.

Archiving can be done in all the states. Payment cannot be done, when the invoices are in the archived state.

  • Go to Invoice > Invoice.
  • Choose Tabs.
  • Click on Action icon and choose Archive.

Unarchiving Invoice

  • Go to Invoice > Invoice > Archived tab.
  • Click on Action icon and Click Unarchive.


You can view all the activities regarding invoices along with date and time by clicking history iconĀ invoice_history which is situated at the top right corner.