Resource Planner

Resource Planner is a Resource scheduling, project planning & time tracking for your Team members.
You can view resource planner in Timesheet > Resource Planner.

Resource planner listing

Resource planner is listed with all users scheduled tasks with its estimated hours.
Administrator & Project Managers can view & schedule tasks for all their team members where Members can view their scheduled tasks & plan their own tasks for a day

Add Task in Resource Planner

To add a task in resource planner,

  1. Click on the particular date on resource planner.
  2. You will get + icon. (Once you click on the date , you can drag along the dates to post the task for many days.)
  3. Once you click on the + icon, you will get popup to add the task.
  4. Choose the project, task on which you are going to tract time.
  5. Click Save.

Outputtime-Planner-Add task

You can add multiple users for a task either while creating the task or by editing the existing task by choosing users in “Select users” option.

Validate estimated hour per day

The users can add or put estimation for that planned tasks. Estimated task will also be listed in Resouce planner page.
Based on working hours per day (Settings > Timesheet), the total hours for a day will be highlighted with
Green, Red (underestimated) & Blue (over scheduled) color.

Edit Task

You can double click on the task & edit in the timesheet popup.

Split Task

Suppose, you wish to add another task in a task’s continuity, you can split tasks & reschedule it.
To split a task, right click on the planner & click Split.
This will show the task in each day separately.

For example, if you want to skip the holiday in your scheduler. You can divide as task per day, using the split option. Then drag the task that was scheduled in the holiday to the last date & adjust it. You can refer the below image,

Delete Task

Right click on the planner & click Delete.
If the time is posted for that task, you can’t delete task.